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Join us on January 18, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan, or virtually from any location for a Gurobi Optimizer seminar with October Sky, a Gurobi company. This hybrid seminar includes a Gurobi 11.0 overview, informative presentations, and inspiring use cases from our experts and customers. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and learn how others use Gurobi.


Event Details

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2024

Time: 0930 – 1610 Japan Time (GMT/UTC +9)

Languages: English and Japanese

Seminar Fee: Complimentary

Format: Hybrid

  • Attend In-Person*: The Okura Tokyo
  • Attend Virtually (Simultaneous Broadcast via Webex)


*Please note that we have limited space for those interested in attending in person, so restrictions may apply. We will be reaching out to confirm your registration after your online submission. Any travel expenditures, such as accommodations and airport transfers, are excluded and are the attendee’s responsibility.

** Please note that photographs and video footage will be taken throughout the event. These images may be used for marketing purposes on our website, social media, or third-party publications.



Japan Time
(GMT/UTC +9)
09:00am – 09:30am Arrival and Registrations
09:30am – 09:40am Welcome Remarks

Shigeru Watada
Managing Director and Vice President, October Sky, A Gurobi Company

09:40am – 10:40am Latest Enhancements in Gurobi 11.0
This presentation will give an overview of what’s new in our latest Gurobi 11.0 release.  We’ll talk about performance improvements to Gurobi’s core algorithms, as well as new features for supporting non-linear functions (polynomials, power functions, logs and exponentials, and trigonometric functions).  These new non-linear features enhance our existing piecewise-linear approximation support from version 10.0; the new features perform dynamic approximations to non-linear functions, providing more accurate results than a static approximation in less time.
This presentation will also give an overview of several new resources that make it easier to learn about and use optimization. One example is the Burrito Game, an interactive web-based game that allows people new to optimization (students, business managers, etc.) to quickly obtain a concrete understanding of what optimization does and what makes it difficult.  The presentation will also discuss the Gurobi OptiMods, a new open-source project that distributes Python source code that provides high-level access to common optimization capabilities.

Edward Rothberg
Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientist/Co-founder, Gurobi Optimization, LLC

10:40am – 10:55am Morning Tea Break
10:55am – 11:35am Advanced Decision Intelligence: Business Process Optimization and Quantum Computing
In these days of various risks and opportunities, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make complex decisions more quickly to improve competitiveness. Quantum computing technology is expected to meet these challenges. Still, it is of utmost importance to understand the difference between quantum computing technology and mathematical optimization technology and to utilize both technologies in the right place at the right time. In this presentation, NEC will show how quantum computing technology can be used in business, using case examples.

Hiroshi Chishima
Professional, Corporate Business Development Division Quantum Computing Business Department, NEC Corporation

11:35am – 12:15pm Introduction to Multiple Objectives in Gurobi
Most of the mathematical models in the literature have a specific objective function. However, in practical cases, multiple objective functions are often required. This type of optimization is referred to as multiple objective optimization. There are two types of multiple objectives available in Gurobi: Blended and Hierarchical. They serve various purposes beyond finding a suitable solution. For instance, they can be used to set appropriate parameters for each objective function, find an initial solution, and reduce optimization time. Some examples of using multiple objectives will be provided in this presentation.

Nobuo Inui
Senior Manager, Optimization Consulting Department, October Sky, A Gurobi Company

12:15pm – 1:05pm Networking Lunch
1:05pm – 1:45pm Reforming YOKU MOKU CREA’s Production Planning Operations with Gurobi
For years, the complex and labor-intensive tasks performed at YOKU MOKU CREA to draft and adjust production plans had relied on the knowledge and experience of veteran planning staff. This created various issues, such as an over-reliance on specific individuals, the lack of successors, and delays in related operations. To resolve the issues mentioned above and to reform their operations, YOKU MOKU CREA chose Gurobi as their preferred technology vendor for their production planning operations.

Hiroki Anzai
Production Department Manager, YOKU MOKU CREA Co., Ltd.

1:45pm – 2:25pm Optimization Problems in Feed Formulation Calculations (Transformation from LP calculation to MIP calculation)
This presentation will introduce a service (Optimal Solution 2.0) that reduces mixing costs, controls excess ingredients, and other improvements by switching from linear programming to mixed integer programming for feed mixture calculations.

Takehiko Ogawana
Representative Director, USEWARE Co., ltd.

2:25pm – 2:35pm Afternoon Tea Break
2:35pm – 3:35pm Optimization Case Studies

  1. SAP: Mastering Supply Chain Challenges Through Complex Scenario Planning
  2. Mondelez International Uses Mixed Integer Programming to Optimize Snack Food Distribution


[Case Study 1] SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, helps companies across all industries create networks of intelligent enterprises that provide transparency, resiliency, and sustainability across supply chains. To offer their customers the most powerful planning solutions, SAP partnered with Gurobi in 2015 and then significantly expanded that partnership in 2019. This partnership allows planners to benefit from the ability to compute optimal outcomes for various scenarios using the fastest and most robust technology available. This presentation will discuss the benefits SAP customers have realized from this partnership.

[Case Study 2] Mondelez International is a major producer of snack foods worldwide. When the complexity of the distribution problem for Mondelez Turkey overwhelmed their manual processes, they turned to Arute Solutions to build an automated transportation scheduling system for distributing their product throughout the country. Using a Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) model and the Gurobi Optimizer, their new system produces higher-quality shipping schedules in a fraction of the time it took to do it by hand.

Edward Rothberg
Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientist/Co-founder, Gurobi Optimization, LLC

3:35pm – 3:55pm Lucky Draw (for in-person attendees only)
3:55pm – 4:10pm Closing Remarks

Hiromi Nakamura
Vice President, October Sky, A Gurobi Company


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