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This webinar introduces a labor strategy optimization (LSO) problem to prescribe an optimal staffing plan (internal workforce, contingent/contractor workforce, training and re-skilling, and agency workforce) to meet the target revenues of a professional services firm.

This webinar features a modeling approach that captures the richness and complexity of a general service transformation and delivery process, which transforms various input resources into deliverables measured by certain financial metrics. This general modeling framework can be customized to cope with the unique feature and need of a firm for service delivery. These mathematical programming-based models are developed for both the deterministic and stochastic versions of the problem.

This real-life application of managing labor costs was implemented at the former HP Consulting & Integration organization.


In This Webinar, We Discuss:

  • Motivation and business setting of strategic workforce planning at a professional services firm
  • Strategic workforce planning problem description and spreadsheet approach
  • Optimization model formulations and solutions methods
  • Business impact and managerial insights derived from an LSO application
  • Lessons learned and best practices in developing and deploying an optimization application

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