Webinar Summary

In this webinar, Dr. Ed Klotz, Gurobi’s Senior Mathematical Optimization Specialist, will explore models with products of binary variables.

Numerous Integer Programming formulations exist involving products of binary variables. In some cases they arise naturally from the formulation, while in other cases they are created by model reformulations.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which strategies can improve performance on MILPs, including solver parameter settings.
  • How to tighten existing formulations.
  • How to reformulate to improve performance.

Practitioners who don’t explicitly solve MILP models with products of binaries may still benefit from this presentation, as a significant number of conditions explicitly modeled as linear constraints actually have products of binaries in disguise, including soft knapsack constraints, overlap constraints and some logical conditions in satisfiability problems. Therefore understanding techniques that can help performance on models with products of binaries can improve performance on some MILPs as well.

Presented Materials

Download the presentations, here.

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