Are you ready to enhance your data science skills by diving deeper into the world of mathematical optimization? Look no further than Opti201, a comprehensive intermediate hands-on training event designed to re-introduce you to the power of optimization, and its seamless integration with machine learning. Join us for an expert-led, free training that will showcase the critical role optimization plays in the field of analytics and demonstrate why it should be an essential part of every data scientist’s toolkit.

Who Should Attend?

Opti201 is tailored for data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, analysts, academics and professionals seeking to elevate their skills by learning to build more complex mathematical optimization models and better understanding how optimization integrates with machine learning.

Join us for Opti201 to explore the potential of mathematical optimization and machine learning, acquire practical skills, and earn a certificate of completion that will distinguish you in the competitive world of data science. This intermediate level training will prepare you to optimize your solutions and supercharge your data-driven decision-making capabilities.


Did you miss Opti 101? Not a problem, as a pre-requisite, we recommend viewing all Opti 101 sessions on-demand.

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