AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND FROM APRIL 15 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2024: This is a hands-on virtual intermediate training event that introduces mathematical optimization, the critical role it serves in analytics, and why it should be a part of every data scientists’ toolkit. 

Who Should Attend?

Opti201 – On-Demand Training is tailored for data scientists, machine learning enthusiasts, analysts, academics and professionals seeking to elevate their skills by learning to build more complex mathematical optimization models and better understanding how optimization integrates with machine learning.

Course Highlights Include: 

Day 1 (self-paced):

  • Introduction: You Heard about the Benefits of Mathematical Optimization in 101, Now Let’s See it in Action and How Optimization & ML Work Together
  • Oh, So You Think You Can Optimize: How different approaches can help you make better decisions
  • Intermediate Modeling with Gurobipy
  • Hands-on Modeling and Coding: Part 1
  • Intermediate Exercise Set 1


Day 2 (self-paced):

  • Hidden Gems: Learn about the Features Available to Improve your Models
  • Hands-on Modeling and Coding: Part 2
  • Putting it All Together: Introducing the Intermediate Use Case
  • Use Case Modeling in Colab
  • Wrap-up
  • What’s Next for Your Learning Journey: The Gurobi ML Package & OptiMods Example (Optional)


*This training was originally offered live in November 2023 with a corresponding certificate of completion for those who completed all session content. We will be offering another live training in November 2024 with a certificate path, but the on-demand training will not issue certificates due to the self-paced nature of the training content. We are excited to have you learn and upskill with us!


Did you miss Opti 101? Not a problem, as a pre-requisite, we recommend viewing all Opti 101 sessions on-demand.

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