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Thursday, 23 November 2023 

3:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour, New Zealand

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2:30pm Arrival & Registration
3:00pm Welcome Remarks

Iain Jardin
Senior Account Director, OCEANIA, Gurobi Optimization

3:10pm Latest Enhancements in Gurobi 11.0
This talk will give an overview of what’s new in our latest Gurobi 11.0 release.  We’ll talk about performance improvements to Gurobi’s core algorithms, as well as new features for supporting non-linear functions (polynomials, power functions, logs and exponentials, and trigonometric functions).  These new non-linear features enhance our existing piecewise-linear approximation support from version 10.0; the new features perform dynamic approximations to non-linear functions, providing more accurate results than a static approximation in less time.Steven Edwards
Technical Account Manager, APAC, Gurobi Optimization
Riley Clement
Optimization Engineer, Gurobi Optimization
Simranjit Kaur
Optimization Engineer, Gurobi Optimization
Simon Bowly
Software Developer, Gurobi Optimization
3:30pm Optimisation at Fonterra
Optimisation is central to Fonterra’s operations – the business leverages numerous tools to help manage its large supply chain and manufacturing landscape. Some of these tools include applications developed in-house by the data science team.
This talk will cover our approach to developing an optimisation application in a corporate environment and how an iterative process can be leveraged to effectively build solutions that solve the business issues at the heart of many optimisation problems.Oleg Barbin
Principal Data Scientist, Fonterra
3:55pm Building Fast and Flexible Electricity Market Models in Python with gurobipy-pandas
Electricity market modelling is simultaneously an optimization problem, and a huge data wrangling exercise. The gurobipy-pandas library allows us to embed Gurobi variables and constraints directly in pandas dataframes which makes the code and data far more compact, efficient, and intuitive to work with.
Developing our market modelling software with Gurobi’s Python libraries has given us enormous control over our modelling pipeline. When prototyping new constraints and inputs for the model, we can tell the program to run at a lower resolution with linear relaxations so we can do capacity expansion modelling in just a few minutes. This allows us to troubleshoot new inputs and interrogate the outputs of the model in less than a day compared to weeks.Oliver Nunn
Director, Endgame Economics
Jackson Simpson
Director, Endgame Economics
4:20pm Networking Reception
6:00pm End of Event


Guest Speakers:









Oleg Barbin
Principal Data Scientist, Fonterra
Oleg is a seasoned data science professional with an extensive background in solving diverse business challenges through the application of machine learning, statistics, and optimisation techniques.
In his current capacity with Fonterra, Oleg leads a team of data scientists responsible for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions across Fonterra’s manufacturing and supply chain operations.










Oliver Nunn
Director, Endgame Economics
Oliver is an expert in the design, development and application of mathematical models. He has spent the vast majority of his career applying this expertise in the context of the energy industry.
Oliver is an expert in wholesale energy markets, and his advice is regularly sought on the implications of changes to policy and macroeconomic factors for the wholesale sector. He has worked with generators, renewable energy developers, and private equity firms, to provide expert quantitative analysis to inform bids for major gas transmission and electricity generation assets.










Jack Simpson
Director, Endgame Economics
Jack has over 10 years’ experience working as a consultant, data scientist, and an academic researcher. He holds a PhD in computational biology and has extensive expertise applying machine learning techniques to solve problems in the energy sector.



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