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The energy industry is rapidly changing, and the planning of energy systems is becoming increasingly complex. Challenges arise from the industry’s decarbonization goals, which bring forth the need for renewable energy integration, green hydrogen, electrification of gas customers, and other solutions. These complex challenges require tools to integrate and coordinate planning processes. A company with the mission to help the energy industry address these challenges is encoord.

encoord provides software tools, data, and advisory services to help energy stakeholders plan for the energy transition. encoord’s core technology is the Scenario Analysis Interface for Energy Systems (SAInt), a software platform to model and plan energy networks and markets. encoord works with utilities, network operators, technology and project developers, regulatory agencies, and research organizations to solve operational and strategic challenges.

encoord recently partnered with Gurobi to enhance the value of its modeling planning software for its customers. In this webinar, CEO Dr. Carlo Brancucci and CTO Dr. Kwabena Pambour of encoord will participate in a fireside chat with Technical Account Manager, Dr. Rodrigo Fuentes of Gurobi,  to talk about how Gurobi’s solver is being used in SAInt, the difference between optimization and simulation models, and how modeling and scenario planning can help the energy industry transition to a cleaner and more reliable future.

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