Webinar Summary

The new Gurobi v9.0 features breakthrough new capabilities in Gurobi Optimizer, major new features for Gurobi Compute Server, and improved performance across LP, MIP, and MIQP problem types. In this webinar, we give you an overview of new product capabilities as well as go over the performance improvements, including the following topics:

  • Non-Convex Quadratic Optimization
  • New Cutting planes
  • New Improvement heuristics
  • Python Matrix API
  • Piecewise-Linear (PWL) Constraints
  • Function Constraints with Automatic PWL Translation
  • MIP Scenario Analysis
  • New Solution Improvement Heuristic
  • Intermediate Solution Files
  • New Non-Interactive Solve (Batch_Mode) and APls in Compute Server)
  • New Web User Interface for Compute Server
  • New Job and Batch History in Compute Server


Presented Materials

You can download the materials associated with this webinar here (in English) and here (in Chinese).

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