Webinar Summary

If you’ve ever used Gurobi, you’ve seen our log files, which contain loads of information about presolve, root relaxation, and node throughput for each model. Imagine you want to analyze dozens or even hundreds of these log files to see if tweaking a parameter made a difference in terms of performance.

“Grblogtools” is a new tool that allows you to do just that. It reads log files and creates a pandas DataFrame or Excel spreadsheet from them. And if you create a pandas DataFrame, automated widgets and plotting routines are also provided – enabling you to create pictures that summarize Gurobi performance across a broad set of parameter settings with only three lines of code!

Grblogtools – which is used daily by Gurobi’s Support team – is now available to Gurobi users as an open-source package.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:
  • Transform a set of log files into intuitive plots.
  • Parse log files to generate pandas DataFrames or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Use visualization tools to explore and analyze the results.
  • Quickly aggregate information from many different optimization runs.

Presented Materials

Download the log file, here.

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