Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is an essential strategic planning activity that brings the Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operations teams together for operational excellence. S&OP is executed on a rhythm typically every quarter, primarily by manufacturing companies. Far too many businesses, even many large Fortune 500 businesses, have inadequate S&OP practices and tools. This talk will give an introduction to improving your S&OP process. We will uncover how decision intelligence (DI) can enhance your S&OP process and discuss how you can bring 21st-century best practices to benefit your bottom line fully.

This webinar gives you the “nuts and bolts” of how decision intelligence can be used to formulate and solve your S&OP problem as an enterprise optimization problem that honors ALL hard constraints, strives to meet soft constraints, and optimizes comprehensive business metrics. Modern optimization solvers like Gurobi enable us to deliver rich applications which do not require the end user to be an optimization expert. We will also demo and showcase DaRRT – a comprehensive S&OP application powered by Gurobi. Typical constraints, objectives, and decision variables encountered in S&OP problems will be discussed. We will use real-life industrial case studies to showcase the different S&OP challenges our application has been able to address and deliver significant benefits to large supply chains. Input data wrangling to create ‘what-if’ scenarios and process them through the S&OP is a significant pain point. We will show how DaRRT addresses this.

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