About This Webinar

Developers of optimization and prescriptive analytics models often feel that they need to choose between the ease of a modeling language and the power of a programming language.

However, the high-level modeling constructs Gurobi has embedded in Python, deliver the ease of a modeling language inside a powerful programming language. Anaconda, a modern data analytics platform powered by Python, provides more than 300 of the most popular Python and R packages for data science. The combination offers a complete solution for data ingestion, model solution, and visualization.

Based on our experience, since python is a very readable and easy programming language to get started with, we think you’ll be most productive with the Gurobi-Python environment – even if you are already familiar with another programming language.


In This Webinar, We Will Cover:

  • Why choose Gurobi as your solver
  • Why choose Python as your programming language
  • Why choose Anaconda as your analytics platform
  • How Gurobi and Python can be used together to build models and applications
  • An overview of useful Python resources including:
    • Spyder and Jupyter for development
    • Pandas to help you manage data
    • Bokeh to help you visualize your results

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