Webinar Summary

Many organizations use optimization to assist with upcoming decisions. However, optimization has more applications than just large-scale decision making. One such example is East Daley Capital (EDC) and their use of optimization to model complex historical datasets. EDC provides in-depth data and information about North American midstream energy assets – processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. With data from dozens of different sources available at different frequencies and qualities, Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) has been a useful framework for filling gaps in the data. EDC uses Gurobi to accelerate the development and execution of their internal models. This webinar recording is centered around how EDC integrates Gurobi into their models. It covers:

  • The business case from a high level
  • The problem formulation as a Mixed Integer Program using Gurobi’s Python API
  • Use of Gurobi features to assist in model development (multiple objectives and variable hints)


Presented Materials

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