In the presentation titled “Vulnerability Analysis in Power Systems and Cyber-Physical Energy Systems,” Eric Toenges explores the intersection of power systems and cyber-physical systems (CPS), highlighting vulnerabilities introduced by the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT). While ICT enhances optimization opportunities, it also poses risks such as cyberattacks and system disruptions, necessitating comprehensive vulnerability analysis and mitigation strategies.

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The integration of ICT into power systems introduces complexities and vulnerabilities that traditional methods may not adequately address. Identifying and mitigating these vulnerabilities are crucial to preventing catastrophic disruptions and ensuring system resilience against emerging threats.


Eric Toenges proposes a methodology centered around vulnerability analysis and optimization techniques to address vulnerabilities in cyber-physical energy systems. Utilizing tools like Panda Power and bi-level optimization approaches enables stakeholders to systematically identify and assess vulnerabilities. This approach facilitates proactive mitigation strategies by exploring worst-case scenarios and assessing their potential impacts on system operations.


Through bi-level optimization techniques, stakeholders gain insights into critical vulnerabilities within cyber-physical energy systems. By modeling high-impact scenarios, they can develop robust mitigation strategies and enhance system resilience. The presentation demonstrates the effectiveness of optimization methodologies in addressing vulnerabilities, although challenges in computational complexity and scalability persist, necessitating ongoing research and innovation.

Eric Toenges concludes by emphasizing the importance of vulnerability analysis in safeguarding cyber-physical energy systems. By integrating optimization methodologies and leveraging tools like Panda Power, stakeholders can enhance their ability to mitigate risks and ensure the reliability of energy systems amidst evolving threats. Continued advancements will be crucial in maintaining the resilience of cyber-physical energy systems in an increasingly interconnected and digital landscape.

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