Gurobi Instant Cloud is available in 5 AWS regions (California, Virginia, Sydney, Tokyo and Frankfurt) and 3 Azure regions (US East, US West 2, EU West). Depending on the cloud provider and region, you are able to select the right configuration for your application. Note that some configurations may not be available in all regions. Click Learn More to see a complete list of regions and machine types.

Provider Type RAM (GB) #Cores Category
AWS c6i.4xlarge 32 8 Compute Optimized
c6i.8xlarge 64 16 Compute Optimized
c6i.16xlarge 128 32 Compute Optimized
z1d.12xlarge 384 24 High Performance
r6i.8xlarge 256 16 Memory Optimized
r6i.16xlarge 512 32 Memory Optimized
r6i.32xlarge 1024 64 Memory Optimized
Azure F16v2 32 8 Compute Optimized
F32v2 64 16 Compute Optimized
F72v2 144 36 Compute Optimized
HC44rs 352 44 High Performance
E64v3 432 32 Memory Optimized



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