A pool defines a configuration (machine type, region, and other parameters) as well as a number of compute servers and distributed workers. Instant Cloud provides you with predefined pools for your licenses, and you can create new ones depending on your needs.

For example:

  • A pool with distributed workers for distributed optimization or tuning
  • A pool with a large machine for challenging models
  • A pool with multiple compute servers to load balance concurrent optimization jobs in production
  • Multiple pools in different data centers to minimize latency with your applications
  • Multiple pools for test, QA, and production
  • Gurobi cloud pools chart

If you see that your application needs a larger machine or more machines, just update the pool definition. The next time the application will access the pool, the new machines will be launched according to the updated specification. Pools can be scaled up or down by starting or stopping machines of a pool in a matter of minutes.




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