With the Gurobi Web License Service (WLS), you can deploy Gurobi almost anywhere—across Amazon Web Services (ECS and EKS) and Microsoft Azure (AKS) clouds and container environments on Docker and Kubernetes. Compared to other licensing options, WLS provides unique advantages for some use cases because:

  • It does not require the installation of any licensing tools on the client.
  • It is scalable and available out of the box using multiple worldwide servers.
  • It is dynamic and does not require you to register the container hosts.


Get to Know the Gurobi Web License Service (WLS)

When using WLS with containers, you will need to make sure your containers can communicate on the internet. WLS will generate cryptographic tokens (JWT) that will enable the application to run on a specific container for a given period of time. The tokens – which allow you to continue to use the containers – are renewed automatically. Communication with WLS is secure, lightweight, and fast.

The Web License Manager is the admin console for WLS. It allows you to display licenses, download license files, monitor usage, and create additional API keys as necessary.

Web License Manager for WLS


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