Gurobi Days Digital – April 20-21, 2021

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This year, Gurobi is delivering world-class training at our Gurobi Days Digital event, which brings Gurobi experts directly to you in a virtual environment. You will experience the same great technical content presented by Gurobi technologists, hear from Gurobi customers solving some of the world’s toughest optimization problems, and have a chance to engage with the community of Gurobi users from around the world.


Sessions cover the following topics:

  • Why MIP
  • Beginner and advanced modeling techniques using Python, algorithms, and tuning
  • Using advanced Gurobi features to deal with complex problems
  • Solutions for dealing with numerical issues
  • Jupyter Notebook Modeling Examples for beginning and advanced users
  • The latest advances in Optimization in versions 9.0 and 9.1


For those of you who joined us last June for our inaugural Gurobi Days Digital event, we have added new sessions, such as:

  • New directions for optimization
  • Performance tuning for Gurobi’s barrier algorithm
  • Customer sessions from SAP and our academic community
  • Non-convex quadratic programming
  • Jupyter Notebook Modeling Examples – Beginner and advanced sessions
  • Live “Ask the Experts” session with our newest developers


This year’s speakers include experts at Gurobi and our customers:

  • Jakob Witzig, Developer, Optimization Unit, SAP
  • David Bergman, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
  • Ed Rothberg, CEO and Co-founder, Gurobi Optimization
  • Zonghao Gu, CTO and Co-founder, Gurobi Optimization
  • Tobias Achterberg, Vice President of R&D, Gurobi Optimization
  • Greg Glockner, Vice President of Engineering, Gurobi Optimization
  • Ed Klotz, Senior Mathematical Optimization Specialist, Gurobi Optimization
  • Pierre Bonami, Senior Developer, Gurobi Optimization
  • Roland Wunderling, Senior Developer, Gurobi Optimization


Who should attend?

  • New Gurobi users who want to get up to speed quickly
  • Experienced users who want to be even more productive building scalable models that solve in less time
  • Prospective users wanting to learn about opportunities for optimization at their companies


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