Gurobi Days Digital - May 3-5, 2022

Thank you for joining us at Gurobi Days Digital 2022!

Gurobi Days Digital took place May 3-5, 2022. If you registered for this event you still have time to receive training presented by Gurobi technologists, hear from Gurobi customers and partners solving some of the world’s toughest optimization problems, and have a chance to engage with the community of Gurobi users from around the world. Online recordings are available now to view.

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This event for academic and commercial users features sessions on a wide variety of technical topics, including:

  • Beginner and advanced modeling techniques using Python, algorithms, and tuning
  • Solutions for dealing with numerical issues
  • Handling challenging models
  • The latest advances in optimization in Gurobi Version 9.5


For those who joined us last April for our second Gurobi Days Digital event, we have added new sessions, such as:

  • Quantum computing basics
  • A live quantum computing panel
  • Customer presentations from the 2022 Edelman Award Winner and the US Department of Energy
  • Partner presentations from Accenture, Decision Lab, and Princeton Consultants


We’ve also added a special new Academic Day—open to both academic and commercial attendees. Our Academic Day sessions shine a spotlight on the latest applications of Gurobi and advances in optimization within academia. These include:

  • Optimization and machine learning toolkit (OMLT)
  • The Jupyter Notebook Modeling Examples Library
  • Maximizing survival to time-sensitive medical events: Drone-network design queuing MINLP model
  • Re-positioning inventory for disaster relief
  • Recent advances in computational models for the discrete and continuous optimization models of industrial process systems
  • Quantum computing and optimization: Opportunities, challenges, and perspective
  • And the exciting launch of the Burrito Optimization Game


Who Should Attend?

  • New Gurobi users who want to get up to speed quickly
  • Experienced users who want to be even more productive building scalable models that solve in less time
  • Prospective users wanting to learn about opportunities for optimization at their companies

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Already registered? You can attend now.

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