Gurobi Days Digital Event

Save the date: June 23, 24, and 25!


Come Join us for Three Days of Training!


About the Gurobi Days Event

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you!

This virtual three-day event is a great opportunity to learn directly from the experts at Gurobi, and also hear how other users of Gurobi have applied optimization to their businesses. This event has a refreshed agenda and will focus on the following areas:

  • Guided Tour – Overview of Gurobi Days Digital
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Intro to Algorithms (with some mentions of tuning)
  • Advanced Algorithms (with some mentions of tuning)
  • Handling Challenging Models (all levels)
  • Numerical Issues (technical add-on/deep dive beyond the handling challenging models piece)
  • Compute Server and Cloud Demo
  • Optimization Application Demos

The first day is dedicated to business topics, including benefits of using MIP technology, how to scale up internal usage of optimization, business case study presentations from fellow attendees, managing optimization projects, IT and Infrastructure topics, product demos, and more. The second day is dedicated to technical training, where we offer introductory and advanced sessions on modeling, algorithms, tuning, numerical issues, and handling challenging models. The third day will include stories from Gurobi customers.


Who should attend?

This event is useful for:

  • New Gurobi users who want to get up to speed quickly
  • Experienced users who want to be even more productive building scalable models that solve in less time

Past events have been consistently well-received, with users flying in from around the world to attend. In addition, numerous companies have sent multiple people from the same team to past training events. This has helped them maximize the benefits they get from the training and quickly apply what they learn when they get back “home”.

Stay tuned! We will be sending the event registration email soon.