State of Optimization in Data Science Report 2022

To explore how data scientists are using mathematical optimization today, Gurobi Optimization surveyed current data practitioners, independent consultants working on data science projects, and data science/analytics leaders.

Forrester Financial Services Optimization

Financial services analysts must make sense of mountains of data—so they can predict what’s likely to happen next and make precise, strategic decisions for maximizing returns and minimizing risks in that given future.

Cost Savings & Business Benefits for Gurobi Customers

Gurobi commissioned a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study from Forrester Consulting examining the potential return on investment (ROI) by deploying the Gurobi Optimizer. And the results are in . . .
The TEI study shows that a composite organization—based on interviewed customers that already have a mathematical optimization solution in place—achieved an ROI of 518% over three years by investing in Gurobi, with a payback period of under six months.

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