Discover the Power of Mathematical Optimization


As part of your onboarding at Gurobi, we want to invite you to explore the courses available for our partners.

Gurobi Academy helps make that happen. Through our on-demand learning platform, you can learn about mathematical modeling and optimization and anything you would want to know about Gurobi.


Courses include:

Gurobi Product Training (essential for onboarding)
Designed for people who would like to understand what Gurobi is about. At its core, this is our Gurobi Optimizer—however, we have a number of other products and services which make Gurobi a very unique company. Over the course of 5 modules, you will explore all the facets that Gurobi has to offer and achieve a deep understanding of who we are as a company, what our core competencies are, and where we want to be in the future.This learning path includes 

  • What is Gurobi?
  • Beyond the Gurobi Optimizer
  • Leveraging Gurobi Expertise
  • Gurobi Licenses 101
  • Gurobi’s Unique Value Proposition

Please note that this is not technical training around optimization but focuses on the company and its abilities.

From Zero To Hero (optional)
Designed for people with little-to-no experience in mathematical optimization and Gurobi. It will put you in a position to identify when to apply mathematical optimization and how to develop simple optimization models for some real-world applications. Over the course of 6 modules, you will go from being introduced to mathematical optimization and the art of modeling through the theoretical basics for linear and mixed-integer programming. Finally, we will show you how to apply this knowledge concretely through our Python API onto the unit commitment problem, which is solved every day around the world to keep the lights running.This learning path includes introductions to 

  • Mathematical Optimization
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Linear Programming Algorithms
  • MIP Algorithms
  • The Gurobi Python API
  • Case Study 1: Technician routing
  • Optimization in the Electric Unit Commitment

Access to these learning paths is free of charge, and all we ask in return is that you provide us with as much feedback as possible so that we can create the best learning experience. To register for free access, please fill out this form.