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Financial services analysts must make sense of mountains of data—so they can predict what’s likely to happen next and make precise, strategic decisions for maximizing returns and minimizing risks in that given future.

This level of analysis and decision-making requires a complete data analytics toolbox, including both machine learning and mathematical optimization. With a full toolbox, analysts can get a glimpse into the future, while also identifying the best way to proceed.

To learn more about how financial services decision-makers are using optimization technologies today, Gurobi commissioned a study from Forrester Consulting. And the results are in.

Download your copy of the complete Forrester study, infographic, and webinar recording today.

The Next Step for Enterprises: Optimization Transformation

In this article, Gurobi Technical Fellow and VP Dr. Gregory Glockner details how organizations are applying mathematical optimization, a powerful prescriptive analytics technology, to power digital transformation, decision optimization, and competitive advantage.

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