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The Gurobi Optimizer enables users to state their toughest business problems as mathematical models and then finds the best solution out of trillions of possibilities. Gurobi Optimizer can also become a decision-making assistant, guiding the choices of a skilled expert or even run in fully autonomous mode without human intervention. Read the Gurobi Product Brochure to find out more.

Solves All Major Problem Types

  • Linear programming (LP)
  • Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP)
  • Quadratic programming (QP) Non-Convex
  • Mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP) Convex and Non-Convex
  • Quadratically-constrained programming (QCP) Convex and Non-Convex
  • Mixed-integer quadratically-constrained programming (MIQCP) Convex and Non-Convex

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Supported Modeling and Programming Languages

Maximize your productivity by tapping into our wide range of programming and modeling languages.

Object-oriented interfaces for C++, Java, .NET, and Python

Matrix-oriented interfaces for C, MATLABĀ® and R

Links to standard modeling languages: AIMMS, AMPL, and MPL

Links to Excel through Premium Solver Platform and Risk Solver Platform

“it was not a difficult decision to switch to Gurobi after seeing impressive numbers.”

Matthias Wyss

“Switching to, and working with, the team from Gurobi has been a great experience.”

Michael North