Tackling the Hardest and Most Scrutinized Scheduling Problem In Existence with Gurobi

Solving the World's Toughest Problems

Case Study

How the NFL Uses Gurobi to Create Its Schedule

See how the National Football League uses the Gurobi Optimizer to solve one of the hardest and most scrutinized scheduling problems in existence.

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The Gurobi Optimizer is more than 50% faster than the solver of our closest competitor.


The Gurobi Optimizer is tested on a wide range of difficult problems from many industries.

PhD-Level Support

Our world-class team – nearly 35% of which is comprised of PhDs – is dedicated to producing the best mathematical optimization solver technology and providing the best support.


Air France
Waste Management

New Directions for Optimization

In this video, Gurobi CEO and Co-founder Ed Rothberg discusses our motivations for some of the recent features we’ve added to the Gurobi Optimizer. We’ll then look at recent developments in the field and talk about how they are influencing our thinking about potential future directions.

  • Sports Scheduling
  • Supply Chain
  • Energy and Utilities

Sports Scheduling

Gurobi solvers in sports scheduling can be considered as much art as science in combining a fascinatingly varied amount of data into a schedule that impacts players and audiences from around the world each season. Optimization provides planners with the data they need to evaluate any given possible schedule, identify what they want to change and see the resulting effects until the optimal end result is achieved.

Supply Chain

Leading companies across numerous industries use Gurobi’s mathematical optimization solver – in a wide variety of applications – to optimize their supply chain planning, decision making, and operations and keep supply and demand in balance.

With mathematical optimization, you can:

  • Attain visibility and control over your end-to-end supply chain network.
  • React and respond rapidly and effectively to changing conditions and disruptions across your supply chain.
  • Make dynamic, data-driven decisions that optimize your company’s efficiency and profitability.
  • Achieve your business goals by balancing cost and service-level tradeoffs – simultaneously satisfying customer demand and spurring bottom-line growth.
  • Transform your supply chain from a source of costs into a source of competitive advantage.

Energy and Utilities

Gurobi solvers allow energy and utility companies to respond to the growing demand for services each year. Optimization enables organizations to delicately balance consumer utilization with responsible management of power generation and distribution. Optimization allows companies to turn data into insight by combining economic, social, and environmental considerations into a single mathematical model. Optimization can also be used to help companies mitigate risk and uncertainty in an increasingly competitive market.