Production Planning Optimization


Read this new case study to learn how an automated decision-support system powered by the Gurobi Optimizer enables Toyota Motor Corporation to maximize profitability while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

You’ll learn how the Toyota Motor Corporation:

  • Used mathematical optimization to figure the optimal product mix – as this AI technology is capable of automatically generating high-quality solutions in a short amount of time.
  • Built the AKARI (Advanced Knowledge and Real-Time Intelligence) Environmental Regulations Module to rapidly perform simulations that take into account environmental regulations in each region and country.
  • Has significantly been able to improve the speed and quality of its decision-making.


The Next Step for Enterprises: Optimization Transformation

In this article, Gurobi Technical Fellow and VP Dr. Gregory Glockner details how organizations are applying mathematical optimization, a powerful prescriptive analytics technology, to power digital transformation, decision optimization, and competitive advantage.