Customer Testimonial: Naturgy

Naturgy is a multinational energy conglomerate with a global presence across more than 20 countries and a broad portfolio of energy assets (including electricity, natural gas, and hydropower) to fulfill the needs of our network of over 16 million customers.

“The Gurobi Optimizer is a critical tool for us in our hydropower business, where we face some significant challenges in creating production schedules for our hydropower plants, given the uncertainty of water supply and the volatility of energy prices. We use the Gurobi Optimizer to automatically generate optimal weekly hydropower production schedules (taking into account a number of variables including the weather, energy price fluctuations, as well as industry and environmental regulations) and to make high-stakes decisions on how much power to sell to the wholesale market throughout each week.

“By enabling data-driven, optimal planning and decision making, the Gurobi Optimizer has helped us achieve a number of key business objectives such as optimizing the efficiency of our hydropower production operations and establishing a continuous improvement methodology in maximizing the profit margins from hydropower participation in power markets.”


Antonio de Andres, Head of Power Markets Studies & Modeling at Naturgy

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