BEAVERTON, Ore. – June 13, 2023 – Gurobi Optimization, LLC, the leader in decision intelligence technology, recently released a new case study demonstrating how an innovative platform developed by ESUPS (Emergency Supply Pre-Positioning Strategy) uses Gurobi to optimize humanitarian aid allocation.

ESUPS, a humanitarian logistics and preparedness project, uses mathematical optimization to ensure that the right relief items are in stock and ready to be deployed where they are most needed, before a disaster strikes.

“We need to get the right [humanitarian aid items] to the right locations, and in the right quantities,” says Florent Chané, Project Manager at ESUPS. “We turned to Gurobi because we knew their tool was very powerful.”

Working with experts at Penn State University and MIT, ESUPS designed a linear model that can identify the optimal allocation of available stock in a country, as well as the projected impact of moving that stock across warehouses. Using Gurobi’s solver, they are able to answer their optimization problem: the question of where stock should be placed.

The finished product is an interactive platform, dubbed STOCKHOLM (STOCK of Humanitarian Organisations Logistics Mapping), that supports humanitarian actors in relocating or restocking items in the most time- and cost-efficient way, informing day-to-day decisions that have a huge impact when responding to emergency situations.

Users of the stock mapping and analysis tool can also view the relief items available in other countries and filter by location, agency, or item type.

The ESUPS team hopes that STOCKHOLM will not only make the deployment of humanitarian aid more efficient, but also empower the individuals and organizations within the affected countries to take charge of their disaster response efforts.

“The people who are directly impacted can’t become resilient if they’re always dependent on the international community,” explains Chané. “But if you give them the tools to enter their own data, complete their own analysis, and make their own decisions, then they can control their logistics, and in turn, their response to disaster.”

To learn more about how Gurobi has helped ESUPS optimize humanitarian relief efforts around the world, read the complete case study.

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