Gurobi 2.0 Wins Performance Benchmarks From 1.3 to 7.4 Times Faster Than Competing Systems

In November 2009, Professor Hans Mittelmann updated his benchmark results for optimization software. For linear programming, he reported results for the dual simplex algorithm showing that Gurobi Optimizer 2.0 is 1.3 times faster than competing systems. For integer programming, he reported results showing that Gurobi Optimizer 2.0 is 1.6 times faster in time to proven optimality than competing systems – both on a single core and with 4-core parallel optimization.  The time to find the first feasible solution showed an even greater advantage for Gurobi: Gurobi was 7.4 times faster than competing systems. And for many users, the time to find the first feasible solution is often more useful than the time to find the optimal solution.

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