Gurobi Optimization is pleased to announce the expansion of their European subsidiary, Gurobi GmbH, with the hiring of Dr. Sonja Mars as Technical Account Manager.

Frankfurt, Germany – September 3rd, 2013
Dr. Mars earned her PhD in Discrete Optimization from the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and will be focused on providing technical support, including assisting with the benchmarking and performance tuning of user models. In addition, she will be contributing to the creation of additional online resources to help users get the most from Gurobi.

“Gurobi’s success is built on providing high performance solvers, no-surprises pricing, and outstanding support. As we continue to grow internationally, we will be adding more staff to ensure our users, wherever they are, have easy access to optimization experts for answers when they need them.” said, Dirk Zechiel, Managing Director for Gurobi GmbH.

Based in Germany, Dr. Mars is fluent in both German and English and can be reached at or +49 6172 / 944 71 32. In addition, you can meet Dr. Mars at OR2013, 3-6 Sep in Rotterdam, where Gurobi will be both a sponsor and an exhibitor.

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