Gurobi Days Digital 2022 reports record-breaking attendance numbers.

BEAVERTON, Ore. – May 24, 2022Gurobi Optimization, LLC, creator of the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver, announced the successful completion of its third annual Gurobi Days Digital event. The event included their brand-new Academic Day, shining a spotlight on the latest applications of Gurobi and advances in optimization within academia.

This year’s event drew over 3000 registrants, representing another record-breaking event.

The event’s first day focused on training and educational content. After a warm welcome and inspiring keynote session from Gurobi CEO and co-founder Dr. Edward Rothberg, Gurobi team members shared their unique insights on modeling techniques, algorithms, tuning, and more.

The day included a live quantum computing panel hosted by VP and Technical Fellow Dr. Greg Glockner, where a range of industry experts from academic and commercial spaces shared their thoughts about the future of quantum computing and how organizations can prepare.

The second day featured Gurobi customers and partners and their remarkable achievements, including special sessions by the 2022 Franz Edelman Awards winners from the University of Chile, Markus Drouven from the US Department of Energy, and the analytics and data science teams from Accenture, who demonstrated the lessons learned from three different major optimization projects.

The third and final day was dedicated to optimization advances in academia, with the goal of connecting academic users and offering a platform for them to share how they’re using optimization. Academic registrations for the event increased by 20% since 2021.

Wrapping up the final day, Gurobi officially launched the Gurobi Burrito Optimization Game, in which attendees got a chance to play and compete for an opportunity to win prizes. The game is a free, web-based app designed for data science and operations research students, as well as anyone who stands to benefit from mathematical optimization. In addition to demonstrating the value of optimization, the game also proves its difficulty, as well as the importance of algorithms and solvers in finding an optimal solution.

The Burrito Optimization Game is available on Gurobi’s website, accompanied by a series of resources that highlight intended educational takeaways and explain how instructors can teach the game in a classroom setting or how players can use the game on their own.

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