BEAVERTON, Ore. – December 6, 2022 – Gurobi Optimization, LLC, the leader in decision intelligence technology and creator of the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver, recently announced the rebranding of its support team as “Gurobi Experts – Technical Advisory and Support Team.” This team of 15+ PhD-level optimization specialists is passionate about helping customers succeed with optimization and can provide comprehensive guidance on Gurobi products and mathematical optimization.

Matthias Miltenberger, Optimization Support Manager, explained that the reasoning behind the rebrand stemmed from some common misunderstandings about the word “support.”

“There’s this idea that ‘support’ means sitting in a call center all day with headphones on,” said Miltenberger. “Most people hear that word and think of experiences they’ve had calling up their phone or internet provider, which are often unpleasant experiences. And the assumption is that they’re not really talking to experts, so we definitely wanted to change that mindset.”

Indeed, the work of the Expert Team extends far beyond basic support. With over 150 years of optimization experience between them, the team works across three continents and uses their expert knowledge to provide a variety of services to customers around the world, including:

  • Model troubleshooting: The Expert Team can help identify and troubleshoot unexpected problems, such as slow performance or code failure.
  • Performance tuning: Rather than relying on a trial-and-error approach, the Expert Team often uses their expert knowledge to anticipate how the solver might react to certain parameter changes, which saves valuable time for customers.
  • Outreach: On top of the virtual assistance they provide on a daily basis, they frequently attend conferences and events, where they teach attendees how to model problems, improve their models, and overcome many other common challenges. The team also shares their knowledge with Gurobi’s community forum, where customers can ask questions or share their own expertise.


“We’re people who care deeply about optimization and about helping our customers succeed,” explains Dr. Sonja Mars, who directs the team. “On any given day, you’ll see us digging deep into our customers’ complex installation questions, programming interfaces, performance tuning challenges, you name it.”

“In a nutshell, we help our customers get the most out of the Gurobi solver, which is a very complex and powerful product,” explained Miltenberger. “There’s the mathematical stuff, where you really need to understand what is happening inside the engine, but you also need to understand how to best use Gurobi on a variety of machine architectures.”

“Solving puzzles is what we do,” added Dr. Alison Cozad. “But what really excites me is working with customers. Understanding their problem, discussing with them, and then coming to a solution together—there’s nothing like it.”

Most customer communication with the Expert Team happens via email or a ticket system, which gives the team time to delve deep into an issue and find the best solution. However, the team is also available for video calls or screen-sharing sessions for issues that require more hands-on assistance. The team’s median first-reply time is just 27 minutes.

“We all love what we do,” explains Dr. Eli Towle. “Solving the most complex problems on the planet—where millions of trillions of possible solutions exist—in a short amount of time . . . that’s an exciting job.”

Gurobi customers appreciate the team’s personalized service, as well as the fact that the team can dedicate extra time to find solutions to complicated challenges. This is evidenced by their 98.5% positive customer satisfaction rating, as well as customer testimonials.

In addition to offering top-notch support, the Expert Team is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to innovate. Miltenberger recalls a case where one customer’s problem actually led to the development of a brand-new tool.

“For one particular customer with certain time constraints, I needed to come up with a new way of tuning their models. I saw this as an opportunity to create a new tool that makes it easier to complete all kinds of tuning requests. In the end, this solution turned into a software package called GRBlogtools, which the Expert team now uses daily to analyze dozens or even hundreds of log files, to see if tweaking a parameter makes a difference in terms of performance.”

Learn more about how the Gurobi Expert Team uses its expertise to help users have the most successful optimization experience possible.


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