Highlights of Gurobi Optimizer 6.5

October 25, 2015

Gurobi Optimizer 6.5 Released

Houston, Texas – October 27th, 2015
Gurobi Optimization, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Gurobi Optimizer 6.5. With this new version, Gurobi continues our focus on delivering the significant improvements with each version our users have come to expect.


Some of the enhancements and the new features include:

  • Significant performance improvements across MIP, LP, SOCP, MIQP and MIQCP problem types
  • Expression building in Gurobi’s popular Python API is now 4X faster
  • Gurobi Recording — Our new release allows you to record the sequence of Gurobi commands issued by your program to a file and play them back later.
  • Variable Hints — If you have a guess at a high quality solution for a MIP model (for example, from solving a related model), our new variable hint feature allows you to pass that guess to Gurobi to help guide the search for a new solution.
  • API Simplification — Gurobi 6.5 provides a new setting that allows you to avoid most calls to the update command, which can simplify your program.
  • Additional features users have asked for such as:
    • Visual Studio 2015 support: Gurobi now supports the latest Visual Studio on Windows.
    • C++11 support on Mac: Gurobi now supports the latest C++ compiler on Mac.
    • More precise control of Gurobi environment creation and destruction in Python: you can now explicitly release an environment when you are done using it.
    • Single-use license simplification: single-use licenses no longer require a token server.
    • Other improvements include token server password protection, enhanced logging for distributed MIP, R interface enhancements and more.
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