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Create high-performance, fault-tolerant optimization applications that make more efficient use of your computing resources and optimization software licenses.

The scope of optimization applications has been growing steadily. They are used by more people inside a given organization, and are more critical to a business’ success than ever before. As a result, such applications often have a number of complex requirements placed upon them. Compute Server is designed to simplify the task of building and deploying modern optimization applications. It allows you to seamlessly offload your optimization computations onto one or more dedicated optimization servers grouped in a cluster. Users and applications can share the servers thanks to advanced queuing and load balancing capabilities. Users can monitor jobs, and administrators can manage the servers. Read the Gurobi Product Brochure to find out more.

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Features & Benefits

Seamlessly Integrate Client-Server Capabilities

The Gurobi Optimizer library allows you to use existing interfaces to write a single program that can either run locally or, with the flick of a switch, can offload optimization computations to one or more Gurobi Compute Servers.

Powerful Queuing

Make the most of your computing resources with built-in queuing and load balancing capabilities.


If a server goes offline, the remaining servers will continue to operate unimpeded.

Secure and Efficient Communication

Compute Server uses HTTP or HTTPS for improved security, ease of deployment, and robustness. It also performs on-the-fly data compression to reduce the volume of transmitted data.

Clustering and Management Tools

Clustering allows nodes to be added to and removed from clusters dynamically. Command line tools allow users to monitor the servers and the jobs. Administrators can list the licenses, abort jobs and manage the servers. The supported REST API allows you to programmatically monitor and manage your cluster.

Useful in a Wide Range of Scenarios

The Gurobi Compute Server has proven to be useful in a number of situations: High Reliability Requirements, Demand Spikes, and Multi-tier Architectures

Available Distributed Optimization Capabilities

Distributed optimization capabilities can be easily added onto the Compute Server feature set. This allows users to leverage multiple machines to dramatically reduce solve times. The standard features include:

  • Distributed MIP – Multiple machines work together to solve a single MIP model
  • Distributed Concurrent – Multiple machines use different algorithmic strategies to race to solve an LP or MIP model
  • Distributed Tuning – Multiple machines do experimental solves to find parameter settings that improve performance

You can learn more on our Distributed Optimization page.

Run Gurobi Compute Server on your own server or in the cloud. Or purchase licenses for use on your own servers, on Gurobi Instant Cloud, or you can use a mixture of both.

On Your Own Server In the Cloud Other Cloud Options
Gurobi Compute Server can be installed on machines running Windows, Linux, and Mac. Gurobi Instant Cloud is built upon Gurobi Computer Server and lets you quickly get access to Compute Servers on powerful machines. We handle all the details, you just choose how many machines you want to use. If you wish to manage the machines on AWS/Azure yourself, we offer Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure. This option lets you access the same Gurobi Cloud plans, but will let you deploy and manage the servers according to your specific requirements within your own AWS/Azure account.
The product is self-contained. Setting up a Compute Server does not require you to purchase or install any additional software. Choose from a range of subscription options based on your needs. Upgrade anytime. Compared to Gurobi Instant Cloud, Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure does not offer a Web Interface to manage and monitor your machines, pools, and jobs.
It is easy to set up: getting started takes just a few minutes. You will also be in charge of setting up the networking options and the certificates if you wish to use HTTPS encryption. Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure is supported in all AWS/Azure regions.
Run Gurobi exclusively on the Cloud. You can also run your existing Gurobi licenses on your own cloud instances. The details can be found here. For additional information, please feel free to contact either Gurobi Sales or Gurobi Support. Please contact to set up access to the Gurobi Cloud for AWS/Azure.

Whether you use your own servers or Gurobi Instant Cloud, Compute Server always provides the following features…

  • Support for multiple client platforms – Clients can run on any supported Gurobi operating system, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, clients don’t need to run the same operating system as the Compute Server.
  • No client licenses required – A Compute Server can support an unlimited number of clients, and no client licenses are required. Simply point your client application at a Compute Server and you are ready to go.
  • Industry Leading Technical Support – Whether you are running on your machines or using a Gurobi Cloud Server, you can rest assured knowing that you will have access to our industry-leading Gurobi Technical Support.

How to Get Started

Setting up a compute server is easy. On your own machine, just install Gurobi and start the Compute Server process. With Gurobi Cloud, simply follow our step-by-step instructions to sign up for an account and choose the plan and number of machines you want to use. To try Gurobi, fill out the form below for a Commercial Evaluation Trial.

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Note to Academic Users: Academic users at recognized degree-granting institutions can get a free academic license. You can learn about our academic program here.


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