Dr. Roland Wunderling

Senior Developer

Dr. Roland Wunderling is an expert in the simplex method and optimization software architecture. After his Masters Degree in Physics at the Freie University of Berlin, he started working on Linear Programming algorithms at the Konrad Zuse Zentrum Berlin in 1992. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Martin Groetschel he completed his PhD in Mathematics in 1997 with the development of SoPlex, a Simplex based LP solver still in use today in academia. He then joined CPLEX Optimization, Inc. where he continued to work on optimization algorithms.  He remained in the CPLEX team at ILOG and IBM, where he held the position of CPLEX architect from 2009 to 2017.  He is excited to be joining the Gurobi development team in September 2020. In his spare time Roland sings at the Opera in Graz and is active in the Austrian Alpenverein, where he guides alpine tours and teaches courses in back-country skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering. He enjoys the outdoors when rock climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking during summer as well as ice climbing, back-country skiing and cross-country skiing during winter.