Rinor Sadiku

Senior Developer

Rinor Sadiku has a BSc. degree in Computer Science and IT from Graceland University in Iowa and also MSc. in Database Management from South East European University in North Macedonia. He has over 10 years of working experience working in tech. His initial 5 years of experience was more focused in the telecom industry as a network and system engineer working in projects for AT&T, Comcast and more. Over the last 6+ years he has focused his career in the software engineering industry. Before coming to Gurobi he was working as one of the leading engineers at the Clorox company supporting e-commerce platforms to some of their Direct-To-Consumer brands such as Brita, Burts Bees CBD, ObjectiveWellness, StopAgingNow and more.

Rinor enjoys being outdoors. He loves traveling, hiking, camping and wants to see all the national parks of the US and more.