Sean Sascha Merz

Account Manager - Europe, Russia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent

Sean comes from Germany and grew up in the US, France and finally Spain before beginning his BSc degree in Business Administration and International Management at the University of Wales in the UK. Since graduating in 2012 he has worked internationally in 3 different countries (Ireland, Netherlands, Germany) for companies considered pioneers and leaders of the tech industry such as Citrix and Oracle. His almost decade long work experience spans sales and consultant roles with their focus on conducting business with companies in the DACH market where he specialized in the selling of cloud solutions to companies operating in the German market where he successfully drove collaboration and helped companies achieve an understanding in how they best execute their digital transformation strategy. Sean has built up an in-depth knowledge in cloud technology, selling SaaS, enterprise applications as well as related topics revolving around customizations in enterprise applications, process automation and integrating enterprise applications. In his last role as Snr. Account Manager at Oracle he sold into the mid-market segment in the DACH region where his passion for technology and sales drove his success in the role – having been recognized for closing strategic quarter deals in 3 out of his last 4 quarters.