Sebastian Thomas

Account Director – Oceania, South-East Asia

Sebastian has spent 15+ years in sales and architecture roles, with the last few years being dedicated to developing, selling, and solving business problems using AI/Machine Learning/Analytics solutions for enterprise customers. He has deep solution sales experience in the telecom, financial services, industrial and public sectors. Prior to joining Gurobi, he enjoyed a sales career with IBM across Canada, the US, and Australia, before being severely bitten by the startup bug and setting up an AI/ML/Analytics shop in partnership with Nvidia, Google Cloud, and AWS in Australia. He is now in remission and enjoys a career in business optimization with the market leader, Gurobi Optimization. He is an electronics/radio engineer by way of education and enjoys tinkering with electronics in his spare time.

Sebastian lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two children and spends his spare time enjoying the beach vibe, imparting the joy of learning music and instruments to his kids, and working out