Zed Dean

Technical Account Manager – Americas

Zed has twenty years of multi-disciplinary career experience; including IT support, data science, operational research and analytics sales. An engineer who started his career as an ICT officer at the United Nations, he was awarded outstanding contribution during the Iraq humanitarian response for his participation in building the system architecture of a rapid deployment ICT solution. He then built a predictive modeling analytical framework for promotional campaigns in the publishing industry. His inputs provided confidence in the company’s strategic decisions regarding revenue management and pricing. While teaching operational research, Zed was voted the most dedicated lecturer at the university. Teaching several types of audiences; including business, engineering and informatics, exposed him to a wide range of OR applications. He most recently worked as a project manager, corporate trainer, account manager and salesperson in a highly competitive marketing analytics industry.

Based in Canada, Zed enjoys kayaking and canoeing in his free time; he has great interest in the history of math and algorithms.