What is Machine Learning?

In this video you will learn about how machine learning works to discover patterns, how it manipulates data, the types of decisions you can make with machine learning, and the types of problems it can be used on.

What is Mathematical Optimization

In this video you will learn about the basics of the mathematical optimization methodology, how a mathematical model is formulated, solved with an algorithm, and how that would then be built into an application.

Where do you see the opportunity to integrate Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization?

How can you get the most reliable recommendations for your business problems, with the data you currently have? Learn more in this video.


How can Machine Learning and Mathematical Optimization help with decisions?

How can you enhance the business decision making process with the use of mathematical optimization and machine learning? Learn more in this video.

Is there an example where Machine Learning and Optimization work together?

In this video you will hear an example of how mathematical optimization and machine learning could be used to make the most optimal business decision.

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