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Gurobi Customers Applaud Gurobi 11.0’s Nonlinear Capabilities

Latest version enables real-world applications across chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Jupyter Model

Price Optimization with Competing Products

Create a predictive model to forecast sales based on product prices, then build an optimization model to identify the optimal product mix.

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Metallurgical Additives Producer Saves $1.5M Each Year by Streamlining with Gurobi

Through their partnership, Gurobi helps Aimpoint Digital’s customers replace manual processes with streamlined workflows, so they can get the aluminum blends their customers need within minutes.

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Case Study

Metallurgical Additives Producer: Achieving Faster Resource Optimization and an Estimated $1.5M in Annual Savings

Gurobi enables a producer of metallurgical additives to create optimized aluminum blends within minutes, replacing a manual process that took days.

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2024 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

Gurobi Optimization is excited to be a gold sponsor of the 2024 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.

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Optimization Modeling: The Art of Not Making It An Art

Embracing optimization as a structured, disciplined science, infused with creativity yet grounded in methodical best practices.

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Hidden Gems: Advanced Modeling Features

From optimizing multiple objectives to dealing with infeasibility, Gurobi’s advanced modeling tools are here to help.

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