Building a Business Case for Optimization

Building the business case for optimization

Optimization has grown dramatically over the past few years. Companies new to optimization are exploring how it can help them and existing users are looking at new uses within their company.

In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn:

  • How successful companies are using optimization
  • Persuasive support points to help build managerial and senior leadership buy-in for optimization projects
  • Different ways in which optimization can drive value by transforming how your business operates
  • Actionable steps to help set up your optimization projects for success before a single line of code is written
  • How to work with the business to navigate through the optimization development process and maintain their support
  • Other key considerations for building a business case around optimization including:
    • How to use optimization to enhance any existing heuristics you are using
    • Whether to build your own model/application or choose an off-the-shelf-tool
    • Whether to in-source or out-source development