Gurobi 8.0 – Enhancements to Instant Cloud and Compute Server

The latest Gurobi v8.0 adds in expansive new features to the Gurobi Instant Cloud and Compute Server, such as moving to standard communication protocols to help improve security and increase robustness, dynamic addition and removal of clusters, compute server monitoring and management capabilities, improved machine and pool management, and more.

This 50-Minute Webinar Recording Will Dive Deeper Into These New Features, Including:

New Compute Server Capabilities

  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS for improved security, ease of deployment and robustness
  • Clustering capabilities that allow nodes to be added and removed dynamically
  • A command line tool to help users monitor and manage their clusters
  • A REST API that allows users to programmatically monitor and manage clusters

New Instant Cloud Capabilities

  • A job dashboard that shows detailed information on jobs running, queued and processed as well as job status, log files, parameters and metrics
  • Pool scaling that allows users to dynamically add or remove machines from pools
  • Support for HTTPS to enhance security and robustness
  • A REST API for easy access to job information and to control pool scaling
  • Job History with new archive functionality allows users to store job logs and statuses

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About the Presenter

Presenting this webinar is Dr. Greg Glockner, VP of Technology at Gurobi Optimization. Dr. Glockner has a B.S. magna cum laude from Yale University in Applied Mathematics and Music, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His doctoral dissertation was awarded the 1997 Transportation Science Dissertation Prize from INFORMS.