Improvements in Gurobi v7.0

What's New in Gurobi v7.0

Find out what’s new in Gurobi Optimizer and Gurobi Instant Cloud. This latest 7.0 release contains significant performance improvements, API enhancements, and a range of new features that Gurobi users have asked for.

In This Live Webinar, You’ll Learn More About the:

  • Significant performance improvements across a range of models
  • Support for multiple objectives with flexibility in how they are prioritized
  • Python modeling enhancements that simplify the translation of mathematical models into efficient implementations
  • New general constraints, where you can enter commonly occurring constraints without having to translate them into linear constraints
  • New intuitive interface and enhanced API that simplify instance launching and integration of Gurobi Instant Cloud into applications
  • Additional 7.0 enhancements

Download a .pdf of the slides used during this webinar.