Industry Solution Sheet: Agribusiness

The world’s oldest industry, agriculture, is currently undergoing a profound transformation, which is changing the way that agribusiness enterprises do business. The introduction of sophisticated, data-driven advanced analytics tools and new agritech, IoT, and drone technologies in the 21st century has ushered in an industry-wide revolution, and agribusiness players across the business spectrum (from crop producers to breeding companies to food processing companies to agrichemical, biofuel, seed, and animal feed manufacturers) are constantly discovering new opportunities to:
  • Break down silos across their operational networks and drive greater integration, alignment, automation, and optimization across their value chains.
  • Boost the efficiency of their farming, disassembly, blending, transport, and other processes – so that they can make the best use of their raw materials (plants and animals) and resources (such as workers, equipment, fields, and processing facilities).
  • Improve their end-to-end planning and decision making in order meet demand in the most profitable and sustainable manner possible.

One key technology that is helping to fuel this revolution is mathematical optimization.

Leading agribusiness enterprises utilize mathematical optimization to cultivate, facilitate, and automate optimal, integrated planning and decision making and realize tremendous business benefits.

Read this Industry Solution Sheet – produced by Gurobi in collaboration with Dr. Evan Shellshear, Head of Analytics at Biarri – to learn more.

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