Tips and Tricks for Optimal Scheduling Using Gurobi

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Scheduling with End-to-End Analytics and Gurobi

40-minute webinar with End-to-End Analytics to learn useful tips and tricks on how to solve optimal scheduling problems in Gurobi


Webinar Summary

Scheduling problems arise in a wide-range of applications that require finding the best possible sequence to perform a set of tasks, including job shop scheduling and flight scheduling. However, this problem is NP-complete, and solving large-scale problems efficiently can require expert knowledge and insights. Leveraging our experience and insights from applying these algorithms, we present recommendations and techniques to efficiently solve large-scale problems, including:

  • Gurobi features that increase solver performance for optimal scheduling
  • Tips on formulations for real-world scheduling problems, including sample problems
  • Implementation and tuning tricks for scheduling problems with linear and non-linear constraints


This topic is presented by Dr. Nicole Taheri from End-to-End Analytics. Dr. Nicole Taheri is a consultant with End-to-End Analytics and holds a PhD in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University. Nicole has extensive experience applying operations research and mathematical modeling methods to find optimal solutions in a wide range of applications. Her work has centered around analyzing complex data to transform data insights into actionable recommendations that improve business processes.

Presented Materials

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