Gurobi 8.0 – Latest Enhancements to R and MATLAB APIs

The latest Gurobi v8.0 release features significant enhancements to our R and MATLAB APIs. Those improved APIs now provide nearly all the capabilities of other Gurobi APIs, and now support multi-objective optimization, general constraints, etc.

This 30-Minute Webinar Recording Will Dive Deeper Into These New Features, Including:

  • Formulation of hierarchical and concurring objective functions
  • Using max(…), min(…), abs(…) and logical constraints
  • Generating multiple solutions for a model
  • Integration in Compute Server and Instant Cloud environments

Download the materials associated with this webinar.


About the Presenter

Presenting this webinar is Dr. Robert Luce, Developer at Gurobi Optimization. Dr. Luce is an experienced researcher in applied mathematics, and author of numerous publications in the fields numerical linear algebra and optimization. He holds a Ph.D. from Technical University of Berlin.