Python III: Optimization and Heuristics

Python III Webinar

The Gurobi Python interface combines the ease and expressiveness of a modeling language with the power and flexibility of a programming language. This part three of a three-part series builds on the ideas presented in our Python I and Python II webinars.

In This Webinar, You Will:

  • To use the Gurobi MIP solver as a heuristic for quickly obtaining good quality feasible solutions
  • About MIP’s ability to not only find initial feasible solutions, but also to improve on these solutions, often turning poor quality solutions into excellent solutions very quickly
  • About using MIP as a framework for structuring a heuristic search of a large space of possible solutions
  • Advanced techniques such as MIP starts, variable hints, and heuristic callbacks. These techniques will be illustrated with Python examples

Download the Jupyter notebook and examples associated with this webinar.