Switching to Gurobi From Another Solver

Migrating to Gurobi

We often get questions asking how easy it is to switch to Gurobi and what help is available if it is needed. The general answer is that switching to Gurobi is much easier than many people think. The majority of switchers are able to migrate their model(s) on their own using resources already available on www.gurobi.com.

In This 45 Minute Webinar, Co-Presented by Gurobi and Abremod, We’ll Review:

  • Best practices to help ensure your model migration is a success
  • Do-it-yourself resources available on gurobi.com
  • A free new open-source adapter that can help automate the migration of models from the CPLEX Concert API to the Gurobi API
  • Situations where it may be useful to get external help