Cell Tower Coverage

In this example we’ll solve a simple covering problem: how to build cell towers to provide signal to the largest number of people.

We’ll construct a mathematical model of the business problem, implement this model in the Gurobi Python interface, and compute and visualize an optimal solution.

Although your own business may not involve operating a telecommunications network, the same basic techniques used in this example can be used for many other applications.


Problem Description

In this example, a telecom company needs to build a set of cell towers to provide signal for inhabitants on Cape Cod.
The number of potential locations for building the towers have been determined. The choice of these locations is based on several factors, including how well the tower blends into the surrounding environment and the height of the terrain.

The towers have a fixed range, and due to budget constraints, only a limited number of them can be built. Given these restrictions, the company wishes to provide coverage to as large a fraction of the population as possible.

To simplify the problem, the company has split the area it wishes to cover into a set of regions, each of which has a known population.

The goal is then to choose at which of the potential locations the company should build cell towers to provide coverage to as many people as possible.


Access the Cellphone Tower Demo

To access the cellphone tower demo application and create your scenario using your own data from a blank template or to play with existing default scenarios, you must first register for a Gurobi website account and then view the demo.

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