Data science is a field in constant flux, driven by the ever-changing needs of businesses and the rapid pace of technological advancements. This report, based on a survey of 569 data scientists, delves into the current state of the field, focusing on the role of mathematical optimization. It reveals key insights into the workflows, challenges, and skill development trends among data scientists.


  • Self-Taught vs. Formal Education: The report reveals surprising insights into how data scientists are learning their craft. Is formal education losing its luster?
  • Hybrid Teams: Are centralized data science teams becoming a thing of the past? Discover the organizational structures that are taking the lead.
  • The “Good Enough” Dilemma: Find out why many data scientists settle for heuristic methods and what they might be missing out on.
  • Mathematical Optimization: Think you know what it is? Our report suggests that many data scientists don’t fully understand it—even those who say they do.
  • The Machine Learning Connection: Learn how mathematical optimization is becoming an essential partner to machine learning, and how this powerful duo can revolutionize decision-making in your organization.


Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This

If you’re a data scientist, analytics leader, or decision-maker looking to stay ahead of the curve, this report is your roadmap to the future. You’ll gain actionable insights that can transform your approach to problem-solving and decision-making, setting you on a path to greater organizational impact and career growth.

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