Overview of Expert Advisory Calls

Our experienced, PhD-level specialists are passionate about helping you succeed with optimization. The Gurobi Expert team offers comprehensive support, including answering license and installation queries, optimizing Gurobi performance, guiding API usage, providing insights into solver behavior, and offering implementation tips for faster model-building and solve times.

To learn more about our Gurobi Experts, please see Meet Your Optimization Experts

How to get started:

  • Please create a help request, detailing your topic of interest, specific questions, business application, and your time zone.
  • Let us know that you are interested in an Expert Advisory Call. We might pose some additional queries to grasp your needs or challenges better.
  • Next, we will match you with Experts with the knowledge and regional alignment needed to engage with you about your chosen topics.

Expert Advisory Calls are exclusively for commercial users. We invite our academic community to read about the scope of our support for users with academic licenses.

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Gurobi supports the teaching and use of optimization within academic institutions. We offer free, full-featured copies of Gurobi for use in class, and for research.
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